If you made it to this page, that means you participated in my show, Stasis. Thank you so much for that, I’m extremely grateful for everyone who even came to the show site, let alone actually participated in my section of it. Props to you guys.

If you can, share this with your friends, family, acquaintances, that weird guy who always is in the coffee shop when you happen to be there too, anyone and everyone. The purpose of this show was to spark change in our community, and spreading the word about it is the best way to do that!

Here’s where you can upload the photos you took with/of your sculpture!


After the show as completed on May 7th, I’ll grab all those submitted photos and display them down below for everyone to enjoy. Please come back sometime after that date and check them all out!

Also, if you didn’t get the chance to learn more about the organization I’m raising awareness for, please do so now! They are a wonderful collective and anything would help, a donation of money, your time, a kind word, anything.

Make sure you come to Visceral’s Virtual Artist’s Talk on May 5th @ 4:00 pm. This will be held on an application called Gather, just click the link below to go to our page!

And as always,

Find your balance.