About Myself

About Myself


My name is Nathan Birch. I am 23 years old and graduated in May of 2021 with two four-year degrees, a BA in I-Design with a concentration in Technology & Interactivity, and a BS in Applied Computer Science with a concentration in Human-Computer Interaction. Honing skills in both of these areas of study has really helped me find my rut in the creative world and allowed me to create projects that not only invoke emotion & tell a story, but also help those who use/view them.

Personally, I enjoy any project that lets me combine technology and design and create something that’s a hybrid of both. Multidisciplinary work is so critical to the world’s future, I strive to push myself to integrate at least two areas of study into each project I work on.

Studying two different areas of knowledge has given me such a new and inspiring perspective of how things can be in the future, and even how we can start making the changes to get there today.

One thing I will say about myself is this: I’m always trying things out. Always discovering. Sometimes it’s a new tool to help me create, sometimes it’s something simple like a new type of coffee I like, or a new video game that just came out. The point is that I love exploring things I’m not familiar with and find satisfaction from finding the new things in life! Whatever it may be, traveling, learning a new skill, or finally fixing that bug I’ve been working on for the past 3 weeks, it’s always worth the time and effort.

Interests & Trends

Some specific interests of mine in the worlds of design & tech starts with iOS programming. I was introduced to it in a Mobile Applications class I took my junior year of college and loved it. It’s a wonderful blend between UI/UX design and the programming that gives apps their specific functions.

Another interest I have is 3D animation. I was introduced to this because I needed to make a 3D animation demo reel to apply for an internship at The Famous Group. I spent almost all of my June that summer learning Cinema4D and creating things, mostly abstract figures, to create this demo reel. There’s something about the level of realism that you can achieve in 3D animation programs that stick with me, how realistic you can make the most abstract of figures!

My favorite C4D artist is by far @beeplecrap on Instagram. His brand is similar to mine in the sense that he deals with art & technology. He makes these beautiful and emotion-evoking pieces every day and sells them online as crypto art which is valued and backed by the blockchain. 

That’s a whole other topic I could talk about, if you want to know more, check out his Instagram linked in his handle above!


NJB Creation is my creative brand and identity, developed through years of being a part of WSU’s I-Design program and trying to discover who I was and what I could do. When I first started college, I had no idea what I was going to study. I didn’t have a major for my entire freshman year. I decided to give design a shot and loved it, but I knew something was missing. I needed something else, something more logical. I then decided to add another major, computer science, and see what it was like. In the end, I couldn’t choose between one or the other. I loved what each had to offer, and after studying the two for a while I started to connect the dots and recognize their combined potential, and I was hooked.

This brand stands for who I am as a designer and developer, someone who is constantly trying to bridge the gap between the creative and logical worlds. That bridge is the cornerstone of what this is all about and is exactly what keeps me motivated. It creates new perspectives and possibilities that just can’t be done in any other field. Multidisciplinary work is truly wonderful in the sense that it helps you find new solutions and create new ideas that you otherwise would have been blind to.